Feb. 18, 2021

Public Service A-Ramble: No Hacks Here (Stay Safe Texas)

Public Service A-Ramble: No Hacks Here (Stay Safe Texas)
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Welcome to Ranting Through Life: Life Hacks for the Creative Soul. Through this podcast we are going to stay motivated, get challenged, analyze our journeys and ultimately learn to hack our way through to reveal our creative souls, unfortunately, do to the inclement weather and power outages in TX at the moment host, Jhonu Alicia, did not feel comfortable doing a full episode this week. Please check the previous 6 episodes and check in next week for more creative hacks. 

You are the beholder of your creative soul, so keep tuning in and together let’s keep ranting through.  

Email connect@jhonu.com with questions, comments or just to share your creative journey! <3


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