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Each Artful Moment: An Abundance of Inspiration/ One Simple Challenge

Welcome to Ranting Through Life: Life Hacks for the Creative Soul. In this episode, Host, multifaceted creative, Jhonu Alicia, shares how she got a refreshing creative boost and challenges you to analyze your creative journey...

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About the Host

Jhonu AliciaProfile Photo

Jhonu Alicia

Host/ Founder/ Producer

Jhonu Alicia is an actor, writer, visual artist, with an artistic soul that does not sit still. Her creative journey began at the age of 6 in New Orleans, LA, and has since then gained discipline at Tom Todoroff's studio and Conservatory in NYC; self-published a short YA poetry book called Rants of My Post-Adolescence; recieved her Associates in Dramatic Arts in Houston, TX where she correctly resides performing; and helping young creatives hone in their skills. Jhonu knows that all creatives are connected , and is so excited to use her experiences, movie nerding, and psychological curiosity to create a podcast to feed the creative soul.