Ranting Through Life: Life Hacks for the Creative Soul


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Passion is Infectious!!)

Jhonu’s passion for the creative soul is evident and truly Infectious!!)… Love listening to the ideas and thoughts that awaken and reawaken the joy, love & passions within the listener whether an active creator meaning actor, singer, danser proper or creating magic in the other genres of life …banker, builder, human creative being… Live life to the fullest & in your creative Truth is her message & I am living for it … Be You!!.. Thank you Jhonu Alicia… keep doing You… Loving it!!!)..Be Blessed Abundantly..& appreciate the reminder that you say “I am the beholder of my creative soul " 💫


Jhonu has a way of transcending basic ideas and concepts by speaking simplistically, elegantly, and emotionally. Her broadcasts truly do move the soul in ways you can easily relate and connect to. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t listen to her podcast. I look forward to all that is to come in her creative and ever evolving journey in life.

The Storytelling Aspect

Jhonu is an amazing storyteller!! She is truly ranting on this podcast, but I love it because it's organic and genuine...................